October 10, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ bridesmaids dresses

I have been looking a lot at bridesmaids dresses (as well as everything else for the wedding). My conclusion is that the bridesmaids are going to be able to chose their dresses themselves. I don't want them to be matching, but to have the same colour theme. They don't need to be in the same material, length or style. Some of the colours I like the most for the bridesmaids dresses (and for the wedding colour theme) are: grey, apricot, champagne, and blue/grey. I keep changing my mind on the  combination. A few weeks ago I was sure that I wanted grey dresses with warm yellow flowers. Now I am more thinking of blue/grey dresses with champagne details (ribbons around the waist, bows, hair..).
What do you think?
Also I like shorter dresses for the girls. Not long ballgowns. Also remember that the average temperature in the Verona region in August is 25C (considering even nighttime temperature). Average high is 32 (max high 36). Average low is 20C. Since I want my girls looking fresh, I think shorter dresses is the best summer option!

This is a colour I quite like. I think it's quite elegant and modern at the same time. I don't want all the dresses to be the same and I think the width of these skirts looks slightly goofy, but otherwise quite nice.
So I know my bridesmaids aren't as "hippy" as in this photo, but I do think it catches something that I like. Both the colour range and sweetness.

I like both the colour and length of these dresses.

Champagne dresses... are they too formal?

I think this caramel, chocolate, champagne colour range is nice.. Maybe with shorter dresses it wouldn't feel so formal.

I love how these girls don't have matching dresses. They're all following a colour theme, but all the dress types are different. Materials, lengths, and styles. But they still work really nicely together. The champagne colour is a classic and looks very nice. The flowers are a bit too classic for my taste, but this is still one of my favorite inspirational photos.

Grey and apricot works well together, although the yellow flowers look better with the grey dresses. Perhaps they should've considered two different bouquetts? The brides bouquett is very nice with the added apricot coloured flowers. I love the yellow ball shaped flowers.

Grey and white bridesmaids dresses really give a lot of attention to the bride. I don't think the dark green bouquett works very well, but otherwise I think it looks nice.

This family have  matching clothes and don't they look lovely? I especially like the babys pokerdot dress!
This couple must be popular (or have desision problems) 9 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen.The shiney grey and black looks good together and really gives the bride attention.
The girls are working the dark grey and warm yellow combination. I like how some of the girls also have yellow shoes and two of them have apricot coloured shoes which also fits very well together with grey.

The grey bridesmaids dresses give a lovely background for the white wedding dress. The yellow flowers go perfectly with grey and get much more attention than what they normally would.


  1. Mmmmm jag gillar sista bilden och den första.. :-D//Nursan

  2. I also adore those shorter bridesmaid dresses! They really are the best summer option! Your girls will surely look fresh and amazing in these gorgeous dresses! You're right, that color is very elegant, modern and lovely!

  3. I love them grey and white dresses. Any idea where I can order them from?

  4. I love the white and grey dresses. Any idea where I can order them from?