November 9, 2010

Architectual toys

Brio has a wide range of wooden toys that are extremely simple, and very beautiful. Considering that they're made completley out of wood I'm sure it won't break as quickly as your average plastic toys. They've been around for ages. My personal favorite used to be the train set. You can explore their stuff on
This car with red tires is such an extremely beautiful toy! Considering it has red tires, it will go quicker(everybody knows that!).

This was my younger brother's favorite! He'd "hammer in the mornin' hammer in the evening.."

This was my favorite! The train set! The rails can be put together creating complicated tracks and the wagons are linked together with magnets.
These sweet aeroplanes are by Normann Copenhagen. I posted a post yesterday about their flexible kitchen stuff which is very cool and practical.


  1. hade alla brios leksaker när jag va liten... Mormor och morbror jobbade på brio fabriken i osby..
    idag har W magnetklossarna, taxen, bjällran och ska få några till i julklapp :-D löööv brio!

  2. köpt giraffen och racerbilen oxå nu :-D och ngn till men det kommer jag inte ihåg för den ligger inslagen :-D

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