November 19, 2010

Musical chairs II

This is the second edition of the popular "musical chairs". The first one, written in october, can be read by clicking on this link:
Musical chairs 1st edition.

Here's another edition of "Musical chairs" for you! I found these gems and just had to share them with you! I'm sure some of these chairs will become classics if they are not considered classics already.
This chair is called Ray and is by Orlandi Design. Isn't she a beauty? Obviously inspired by the classical chair by Ray & Charles Eames in the 50's. So many copies have been made but I have to say that this one is my personal favorite.

Ray from Orlandi design from behind.
Some of the different finishes of the Ray chair by Orlandi Design.This is one of the older copies of the Ray and Charles Eames chairs designed in the 50s. There are so many copies out there that I hardly know which one is the original.

This is a chair by Mooi who also do the great round lamps that I featured in "and on the first day there was light" at the begining of November.

The pebble chair by Benjamin Hubert is a great one. I love his design in general. Check out his other stuff on here.
or look at the entry I did about him in October here.
This is the Mooi clip chair.
The Mooi clip chair when folded.
Another playful chair that I like very much is Gus by design group.

This is a cute playful chair by a group of young swedish designers Fagerström & Abraham. This chair is called Braid. They just graduated from uni in 2006 but have already gotten quite a lot of recognition. And rightfully so! Check out their stuff at:

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