November 23, 2010

Colours II

Second edition of the blog entry I did yesterday about Alcro's paint suggestions. Here are some more of their inspirational photos.
Some clear trends is the use of grey, the use of several tonalties of of the same colour in a room, and the use of green. I joked about the use of the colour green a few years back. When the big "green trend" as in eco-sustainable building, low energy, bioarchitecture, low carbon, etc, housing became popolar. I realized that very few people actually knows what it means to have a "green building". And not just the average person but even architects who claim to be building with low-energy systems and materials. The proof of this, in a very ironic way, is the fact that so many products are now green. As if that will make it save energy!
But luckily the colour green also has soothing effects and has been used in bedrooms for a long time. The difference is perhaps the tonality of green which is either lime-green or olive green and used as highlights in living areas.

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