November 28, 2010

Swedish inspiration by Ikea.

By now everybody knows what Ikea is and most of us have spent hours assembling a piece of Ikea furniture. For me going to Ikea is like going home! Every Ikea store all around the world is identical and seeing the swedish names everywhere and walking into rooms looking like the average swedes living room gives me a sense of "home". Also having the food section when you are abroad has helped me get through some serious cravings: salt licorice, cider, pepparkakor, salmon, räkost (prawn soft cheese), daim cake, lingonberry jam and cordial, chocolate balls, damsugare (chocolate rapped with marzipan), etc. The list could go on.
Ikea is great because they have everything! They have wide ranges of furniture with various levels of quality and price. Now there are even companies that will assemble the furniture for you if you don't have the patience. And those of you looking for even cheaper Ikea furniture can find them on the various second-hand Ikea furniture homepages.
Anyway, here are some of the inspirational
photos from Ikeas 2011 catalouge.

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