November 8, 2010


This series from Normann - Copenhagen design is a series of flexible items made out of silicon. The silicon is a "new" material that doesn't melt in the oven, is flexible and light. If you live in scandanivia I'm sure you've seen these items around. You can also buy them online on their homepage:

Washing-up bowl.
Washing-up bowl which can also be used as a wine cooler, box for toys, or for collecting anything really.
This funnel can be folded up taking up minimal storage place. In fact I have both this and the spaghetti drainer at home.

Egg cup. It just looks great, that's all.

Dust pan. Flexible in order to be able to push it to the ground not letting the dust slide underneath.You can also fold it on the sides in order to then empty it more acuratly into the bin.
Here's the spaghetti drainer. It folds up neatly using minimal storage room.

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